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How Physical Therapists Help Patients

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Physical therapists treat a large assortment of injuries and ailments, including back pain, neck pain, burns, osteoporosis, developmental disabilities, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. They also help many patients regain mobility after surgeries. Being able to move freely without pain is a wonderful thing, and is something most of us take for granted until we are faced with an injury.

Physical therapists are medical professionals and must have a college degree. In fact physical therapists must have either a master's or a doctorate from an accredited physical therapy program before they can take the national license examination. The question often asked when being referred to a physical rehab center, how can physical therapy help me? They can help you gain mobility because of an accident or a disease, and sometimes physical therapy can be a viable alternative to surgery.

Most people who go into physical therapy are in pain. It is likely the patient is taking medications to reduce their pain. Physical therapy will increase the range of motion of the injured area and will reduce pain too. This allows the patient to cut back or even eliminate pain medicines. Of course, physical therapists use top quality physical therapy equipment and supplies to help get patients back on track. Patients will use resistance tubes, free weights, treadmills, hot and cold packs, and even electro stimulation machines during therapy.

We know physical therapists use equipment to help patients, but how do they restore range of motion to an injured body part? They will work with you to stretch the injured area, and strengthen the surrounding muscle. In addition, as you progress you will likely start doing some endurance exercises to get your heart and lungs boosted. This will also have the benefit of you shedding pounds of weight you may have added by being inactive with your injury.

As mentioned most patients who see a physical therapist are in pain. One of the great services these medical professionals perform is reducing pain. Many times pain medicines can be reduced or even eliminated by going to physical therapy. While pain medicines do have their place they can cause an addiction and depression in some people. Obviously nobody wants these scenarios to happen.

In the end, physical therapists are medical professionals who help patients become mobile and live a quality life with reduced or no pain. Many people who go to physical therapy are taking pain medications. Physical therapy can reduce and even eliminate pain. As a result many patients can reduce or stop taking pain medicines all together.


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